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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note series refers to series the android phablets (term used to describe the combine features of smartphones and tablet) released by the Samsung Electronics and It has been most successful series which include- Galaxy Note 1(original) ,Note 2 and earlier released Note 3. Now to maintain this reputation in the android market , Samsung is going to release its next Phablet dubbed as ” Samsung Galaxy Note 4″ ,on the basis of rumours and leaked about specification of Note 4 all the tech -addicts are speculating that Note 4 is supposed to be better than its predecessor Galaxy Note 3.┬áThere are lots of rumours about its released that are spreading all over the internet. Before we discuss the release date of Note 4 , Lets have a look at the release date of its Predecessors.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note(Original):-
It was the first phablet in the series widely noted for its 5.3 inch super amoled bigger screen than normal smartphones released b Samsung like Galaxy S2.  Samsung announced it during IFA 2011 in Berlin and released for public in October 2011.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:-

The successor of note dubbed as “Galaxy Note 2″ came up with 5.5 inch screen bigger then its predecessor Galaxy Note. Samsung unveiled it on 29 August 2012 and it was available in the market for public in late 2012.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3:-

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 served as successor to Note 2.The design of Note 3 was lighter and upscale and its features were highly varied over its predecessors ,it revived very positive response for its performance , software and hardware features.Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was unveiled on 4 September 2013 and later released for public in same month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:-

As I have already told you that lots of rumours are flooding about Samsung Galaxy Note 4 .As far as feature is concerned Note 4 believed to be offer 16 MP camera and it may operate on android 4.4 updated KitKaT. No official confirmation came out yet but according to rumours the Note 4 believed to be released in third Quarter of 2014.

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