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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Original Concept

After the release of  Note 3 on 25 September 2013 , Samsung is all set to launch its next Note line up or  next generation of Samsung Note series that is Samsung Note 4. Samsung was able to sell 5 million units of Note 3  in the first month of it’s release.  This time Samsung is expecting more from Note 4.We all know that Samsung Note series is for those who prefer a phablet, huge, but the Note compensates for the size easing the process of one handed use with the help of an S-Pen Stylus. Check out the latest renders of the Galaxy Note 4


Samsung note 4

Samsung note 4


Samsung Galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy note 4


Galaxy note 4

Galaxy note 4

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Samsung is readying up their next Note series, the Galaxy Note 4 with best in line hardware and software. The Galaxy Note 4 being the successor of Note 3, will bring to the stage all the optimized hardware you can imagine in a smartphone or a phablet. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with a new S-Pen to start off with.  With a new Wacom digitizer, it will be very easy to take a note on a Note.

Speaking of hardware, we have more to cover. The Note 3, featured a 3GB RAM module, which will be huge change in the Galaxy Note 4, you can expect a 4GB RAM. This will be coupled with a Snapdragon 805 SoC, clocking at 2.4Ghz and an ARM version with the 64 bit goodness.This will run all your tasks as smooth as butter. But what about the screen? The Note 4 will sport a 5.5inch screen with 1440P of resolution, with a pixel density of 560ppi. All this to run the latest and smoothest version of Android™.

But what about the camera? Camera being an issue these days, with the Nokia Lumia 1020 leading with it’s 41Megapixel camera which has loseless zoom and wonderful image capturing capabilities. Samsung recently announced their ISOCELL technology which would enable the sensor to capture more light and more detail with very impressive lowlight performance. A 21 Megapixel snapper is expected on the Galaxy Note 4 with all manual controls, like the Note 3, the Galaxy Note 4 will have 4K recording available on all models. This means that all your precious moments can be captured in true hd quality.

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  1. Jeffery Wong says:

    It’s time for this flagship Note 4 to have STEREO SPEAKERS just like the wonderful Acer Liquid S2. Samsung should seriuosly consider this

    • admin says:

      With the Note 3 having a Hi-Def 24bit 192KHz audio chip with excellent sound quality, we might see a stereo speaker setup with same or higher bitrate on the Note 4. :)

  2. Mukesh says:

    pls update note 3 neo with android kitkat 4.4 out of d box…

    • admin says:

      Samsung’s currently busy with MWC around the corner and may be another Galaxy phone. Wait for a while, it will also be updated. You can get a ROM, since most of the hardware is similar to the Note 3 and pretty much the software. :)

  3. matt says:

    I would like to see the pen button have a locking feature for the cutout feature. Also a built in projector would make the sales go through the roof & make a charging stereo dock to where you could watch movies, youtube, or play games on the wall. You could also make a alarm clock projection feature to display on the wall with temp.& weather conditions.

    • admin says:

      that’s a very good concept, but a projector on an original Note 4 won’t planned by Samsung, but a Note 4 variant with a projector can be expected. Cheers.. :)

  4. kodi says:

    Is the note 4 going to have a rap around screen!!!????!! i have had the 1,2,3 note, got a update on the plan I’m on now don’t want to waste it want to wait for note 4
    But if i dont see more soon im looking at something else

    • admin says:

      A wrap round screen might not be seen on the Note 4. Like the Galaxy Round, we might get another variant of the Galaxy series with a wrap around screen. If you can’t wait that long for the Note 4, you can wait a little for the Galaxy S5 but consider this, you will get more with a Note 4 and your patience will be fruitful if you wait. :)

  5. Richard E. says:

    It’s starting to look like the iPhone. …

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